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Business Cost Calculator

Planning to start a business or a new project? No clue how much capital you need? No problem.

  • Estimate the costs of starting a business
  • Get ideas for every stage of the journey
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OK, you got a genius business idea. Now what?

Even the greatest ideas need to be tested. Consider these key tasks in the first stage of setting up a business.

Your story is your brand. What’s it gonna be?

A brand is so much more than just a logo. When you have your mission and vision figured out, move on to developing your company’s DNA.

Say hi to the world! Build your online home.

These days, the reality is simple - if your brand is not online, it doesn’t exist. So where will you start?

Take your brand for a test drive!

Now that you’re pretty much set up, it’s time to get out there and make yourself seen. Let’s do some marketing!

The not-so-exciting stuff you need to do.

To ensure smooth running of daily operations and take your venture to the next level, you need to fine-tune every aspect of the business and plan in advance.

End-of-year bonanza is just around that spreadsheet...

It’s still a long shot... but end-of-year tasks are super important and need to be taken into account early. A good start is half the battle!

Just one more thing…

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